6 Dollar Tree Items To Stock Up On This Summer

1. Sunscreen - Dollar Tree often carries small bottles of sunscreen, making it easy to stock up on this essential summer item for outdoor activities.

2. Picnic Supplies - From disposable plates and utensils to picnic blankets and coolers, Dollar Tree offers a variety of affordable picnic supplies for outdoor gatherings.

3. Summer Toys - Dollar Tree is a great place to find inexpensive toys and games for kids to enjoy during the summer months, including beach balls, water guns, and bubbles.

4. Gardening Supplies - Dollar Tree carries a selection of gardening supplies, such as gardening gloves, planters, seeds, and gardening tools, making it convenient to start a summer garden without breaking the bank.

5. Pool Accessories - Dollar Tree often stocks pool accessories like inflatable pool floats, goggles, and swim toys, perfect for keeping cool and entertained during hot summer days.

6. Barbecue Essentials - Dollar Tree offers a variety of barbecue essentials, including charcoal, disposable grilling trays, barbecue skewers, and condiments, making it easy to host