7 Best hair color techniques to dye hair at home

Single-Process Color

Simplest and fastest method, good for covering grays or achieving a uniform all-over color.

Root Touch-Up

Ideal for maintaining your existing hair color between salon visits, specifically targets grays at the roots.

Box Hair Dye with Highlights

Convenient all-in-one kit with dye and highlighting tools, adds some dimension and texture to hair.


Creates a natural-looking, sun-kissed effect with a soft blend of highlights, requires less maintenance than full highlights.


Creates a gradient effect with darker roots transitioning to lighter ends, trendy and stylish look.

Hair Color Sprays

Temporary solution for adding highlights, streaks, or a touch of color, easy to wash out if you don't like the results.

Hair Color Shampoos

Gradual color deposit that builds over time, can help refresh or enhance your existing hair color, often contain conditioning ingredients.