7 Best Haircuts for Men with Taper Fades

Low Taper Fade

The low taper fade starts subtly near the ears, maintaining a gradual shift in length. It's perfect for those who prefer a conservative yet polished look.

Mid Taper Fade

Starting higher than the low taper, the mid taper fade provides a modern edge while retaining a formal appearance.

High Taper Fade

Close to a skin fade, the high taper fade begins higher on the head, emphasizing a clean and defined silhouette. Ideal for those with darker hair

Afro Taper

Tailored for curly or kinky hair textures, the Afro taper accentuates natural curls while maintaining a clean outline.

Taper Fade Curly Hair

Perfect for those embracing natural curls, this style reduces bulk while allowing volume on top. It complements various styles like Caesar cuts.

Burst Taper

Featuring a unique semi-circle fade arc, the burst taper stands out with its distinct shape. It suits both short and medium-length hair.

Taper with Natural Flow

Combining faded sideburns with longer back sections, this style offers a modern twist, reminiscent of a contemporary mullet.

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