7 Cool But Strange Facts That Prove Nature is Weird

Platypi Sweat Milk

Platypi, Australian mammals, secrete milk from their skin. Instead of having teats, they "sweat" milk from mammary glands. Young platypi lap up the milk from the skin.

Smelling Underwater

Some mammals, like the star-nosed mole, can smell underwater. They exhale bubbles onto a surface, then inhale them back, detecting chemical changes to locate prey.

Moss Grows on Moose Poop

The red parasol moss, or Splachnum rubrum, exclusively grows on moose poop. This dung moss spreads its spores by attracting flies with a unique scent.

Plants and Fungi Mimic Dead Animals

Certain plants and fungi attract insects by mimicking dead animals. This deception helps them lure insects that either pollinate them or help spread their spores.

Tentacled Snake

The tentacled snake from Southeast Asia uses its facial tentacles to sense prey movements in the water. This unique adaptation helps it catch fish with precision.

Birds' Brains Change Size

Birds like the black-capped chickadee grow their hippocampus, the brain's memory center, by up to 30% in winter. This helps them remember food storage locations.

Male Anglerfish Are Parasites

Male anglerfish are much smaller than females and attach to them, becoming parasites. They rely on the female for nutrients, a unique adaptation in the deep sea.