7-Day No-Sugar Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan for Metabolic Syndrome

Day 1

1200 cal: Skip almonds at breakfast. Use raspberries (AM snack) and blueberries (PM snack). 2000 cal: Add almonds to AM snack, banana to lunch, and more almond butter to PM snack.

Day 2

Balanced meal plan: Breakfast oats, kefir & plum snack, white bean soup & hummus lunch, apple & almond butter snack, chicken & cabbage dinner.

Day 3

Balanced meal plan with options to adjust for different calorie needs: Breakfast, Overnight Oats; Snacks, Yogurt with Blueberries or Hard-boiled Eggs with Peach; Lunch, White Bean Soup with Hummus & Bell Pepper; Dinner, Cajun Tofu Tostadas.

Day 4

Balanced meal plan: Breakfast with almond butter toast & kefir, snacks of pear & peach, lunch with bean soup & hummus, dinner of zucchini chicken pasta.

Day 5

Balanced day: Low-cal breakfast, snacks, and meals for a total of 1,479 calories. Adjustments for 1,200 or 2,000 calories provided.

Day 6

Balanced meal plan: Breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner totaling 1,503 calories. Modify for 1,200 or 2,000 calories by adjusting almond servings and adding smoothie or banana.

Day 7

Balanced meal plan: Breakfast with skyr yogurt, cherries, almonds, and chia seeds. Snacks include an apple with almond butter, and a banana. Lunch features Chickpea Tuna Salad, while dinner offers Fish Taco Bowls.