7 Most Stylish Haircuts And Hairstyles That Requires Low Maintenance

Long, Tiered Layers: Long, tiered layers are praised by stylist Paul Labrecque for their ability to add body and volume to the hair with minimal styling required.

Layered Pixie: Warren Tricomi master hairstylist Artem Soshyn recommends a layered pixie cut for low-maintenance styling.

Bold Buzz: For the ultimate low-maintenance haircut, consider a bold buzz cut like Halsey's. This style requires minimal styling, making it ideal

Slicked-Back Bixie: The bixie haircut, a cross between a short bob and a pixie, is easy to style day-to-day, according to Labrecque.

Short Bixie: Ariana DeBose's short bixie haircut, mentioned by Labrecque, features a less fringy style with a slightly more bob-like appearance.

Wavy Lob: Alexa Chung's signature lob haircut with wavy strands and thin layers is a timeless choice for low-maintenance styling. Recreating this look involves using a curling iron

Feathered Layers: Jessica Biel showcases feathered layers with balayage ends, according to Labrecque. This style accentuates her oval face shape and offers a flattering