7 Smells That Your Dog Can t Stand


Recall that dogs' sense of smell is forty times more developed than ours. Thus, consider how powerful the scent of citrus is for a dog even if it's already overpowering for us.


Another component of a homemade treatment for stopping a dog from urinating indoors is vinegar. Dogs are allergic to vinegar odors.


The spicy flavor of chili, or chili pepper, comes from a group of naturally occurring chemicals known as capsaicinoids.


Dogs are not fond of the scent of antiseptic alcohol. We strongly advise against putting alcohol on a dog's skin. When an accident occurs, it is preferable to visit the veterinarian and have the wound cleaned with water so that they can handle the disinfection.

Nail Polish

While many people find the scent of nail polish to be pleasing, dogs are not fond of it either. Nail polish is not natural since it contains a large number of chemical ingredients.

Cleaning Products

Dogs detest cleaning product odors, even if we find them to be fresh and clean. Dogs are not only repulsed by this fragrance, but these items pose a serious risk to their health.


For dogs, naphthalene is poisonous. Because naphthalene is so hazardous, it is often employed as a pesticide. Dogs can be fatally affected by this chemical if they consume it, in addition to detesting its smell.