7 Tiny Plants for Cute Indoor Gardens

Baby Tears

The popular name of baby tears evokes a "aww" response, and the plant's many small leaves add character and appeal. Use a tiny terrarium or glass cloche

String of Pearls

The plant thrives in South Africa because its spherical leaves increase water retention and minimize leaf surface area that would evaporate water.

Air Plant

Tillandsias are among the most forgiving plants. On branches in frost-free settings, these epiphytes or air plants use specially modified scales on their spiky leaves

Donkey's Tail

For a bright sunny place with space for a little trailing or creeping plant, Sedum morganianum is the ideal houseplant. Donkey's tail leaves are thick and succulent, indicating drought tolerance.

Wooly Thyme

Thymus pseudolanuginosus may be used anywhere aromatherapy is needed. Soft, fluffy leaves and small blooms are charming and touchable.

Venus Flytrap

Venus flytrap plants, commonly called novelty plants, make great little houseplants with proper care. Dionaea muscipula leaves have teeth-like rough edges and trigger hairs

African Violet

African violets' tiny size and free-flowering characteristics haven't altered. Small containers encourage flowering in these plants. Keep African violets damp, pot-bound, well lit