8 Best Aerobic Workouts to Shed Belly Fat

Burpees engage the entire body, aiding fat loss and requiring no equipment. They combine squats, planks, and jumps for a full-body workout.


This exercise targets abs by combining torso and hip movements with rotational twists. It's effective for strengthening core muscles and can be done lying down.

Bicycle Crunch:

A high-intensity move that boosts heart rate, burns fat, and strengthens abdominals. It involves alternating knees toward opposite elbows from a plank position.

Cross-body Mountain Climber:

A foundational exercise for core strength and abdominal toning. Hold a straight-body position using forearms or hands and toes, engaging core muscles.


Targets lower abs by lifting hips off the floor with knees bent and lowering them back down slowly. It's effective for shaping the waistline and strengthening core muscles.

Reverse Crunch:

Strengthens upper abs by lifting the torso towards the knees from a lying position. Keep hands behind the head and ensure the lower back stays pressed to the floor.

Floor Sit-up:

Enhances traditional crunches by elevating legs, intensifying abdominal engagement. Keep knees bent at a 90-degree angle and hands behind the head while performing the crunch.

Crunch with Elevated Legs:

Derived from yoga, this exercise forms a V-shape with the body to target abdominal muscles. Reach arms toward legs while lifting torso and legs off the floor.