8 Best Biceps Exercises and Biceps Workouts for Strength

Curling on a preacher bench with an angled pad extends the range of motion. Gravity delivers force to the bottom part of the curl on the inclined pad, enhancing the bicep workout.

Preacher Curl

Hammer curls work the biceps, brachialis, and forearms, thickening the arms. This exercise works numerous muscle groups by holding the dumbbells neutrally and facing each other.

Hammer Curl

Stand away from the cable tower with hands on the lowest cable pulley for the Bayesian curl. The cables allow for longer ranges of motion like incline dumbbell curls while maintaining resistance.

Bayesian Curl

The Zottman curl exercises biceps, brachialis, and forearms. Palms up, curl weights, then twist hands at top to face palms down during eccentric phase. The movement pattern works biceps and forearms.

Zottman Curl

Concentration curls need bicep attention. Single-arm curls when seated with the elbow on the inside of the thigh isolate the biceps for balanced development and strength improvements.

Concentration Curl

The barbell curl is a staple biceps workout for strength and growth. This workout works the biceps, forearms, and grip by curling a barbell underhand.

Barbell Curl

Chin-ups are a bodyweight workout that work the lats and biceps. With good form and control, lifting the torso upward until the chin clears the bar increases bicep muscular growth.


Curling on an incline bench isolates the biceps by eliminating momentum and ensuring proper form. Curling with outstretched arms increases muscle activation and growth.

Incline Dumbbell Curl