8 Cheap Backyard Ideas for Outdoor Spaces Large and Small

Install a Porch Swing

Transform your backyard with a relaxing porch swing. Hang it on your back porch or from a sturdy tree, and add outdoor cushions, blankets, and pillows for the ultimate relaxation spot

Build a Gardening Station

Create a practical and visually pleasing gardening station using reclaimed or salvaged items. Piece together wooden boards, metal watering cans, and other gardening supplies for a unique potting area.

Add a Pop of Color

Brighten your backyard with a painted trellis. Choose a color that complements your garden's flowers and greenery or opt for a neutral shade to make your plants stand out.

DIY Hanging Planters

Maximize space with vertical hanging planters. Build or buy wooden planter boxes, drill drainage holes, attach hooks and chains, and fill them with succulents, herbs, or flowers. Hang them from your porch, deck, or pergola.

Transform a Garden Shed

Turn your garden shed into a cozy entertaining space. Clean it out, refresh the walls with peel-and-stick wallpaper, and add chairs and pillows. Enhance the look by landscaping around the shed.

Decorate for the Seasons

Save money with versatile decor. Use Adirondack chairs year-round, swapping pillows and blankets to match each season. Add flannel and knit throws for fall and winter.

Make DIY Planters

Create budget-friendly geometric planters from corrugated plastic. These easy-to-make containers add color and layers to your backyard without the high cost of store-bought planters.

Cozy Backyard Ideas

Enhance your patio furniture with colorful and durable outdoor fabrics. Pile on pillows to make wood and metal seating more inviting.