8 Chic Nail Art Ideas for Your Wedding

A Single Stone

A simple technique to add some sparkle to a conventional bridal manicure is to place one rhinestone on each nail.

Half Hearts

This soft pink manicure, with heart-shaped tips, is all about love.


With this broken glass manicure, you may recreate the entire custom of treading on broken glass on your nails.

Super Subtle

Try painting a little, delicate motif on just one nail, like the white heart seen above, if you're hesitant to commit to a dramatic nail art style.

Coming up Roses

You should include the rose motif into your nail art if flowers are a part of your special day.

Blue and Bows

If you're having trouble adding anything blue, take a look at your nails. We adore this choice even more when a silver bow is added.

Intricate Lace

Seek out a nail technician who can precisely replicate the lace design on your gown to have the most stylish bridal manicure ever.

Super Graphic

Would you like something simpler and more visual? Abstract-shaped nails painted in pure white are always a good choice.