8 Cleaning Tips Every Pet Owner Should Know

Lint rollers help remove pet hair from clothes, couches, chairs, curtains, and other home items. 

Use a Lint Roller to Remove Pet Hair

Pets can leave odors, especially in their favorite spots. "Baking soda has odor-neutralizing properties and is often used to absorb and eliminate unpleasant smells.

Use Baking Soda to Remove Pet Odors

Cover your furniture if pets can't stay away to prevent damage and scents.

Use Furniture Covers

Cat owners know that curious cats often kick litter out of their litter boxes. Litter mats with mesh material capture litter. 

Use a Litter Mat

Choose the correct litter box to prevent litter from spreading around your home. 

Choose the Right Litter Box

Pet bedding, like dog beds and cat towers, should be cleaned periodically to prevent odors and hair buildup.

Wash Pet Bedding Regularly

Regular vacuuming and sweeping prevents pet hair from taking control. "Use vacuum cleaners with pet hair attachments or specialized pet hair models designed to handle shedding.

Vacuum Often

Place a mat under your dog's dish to prevent food from spilling. "Mats catch spills and simplify cleanup.

Place a Mat Under Their Food Dish