8 Cute Lightweight Low-Maintenance Short Braid Styles

Mini Box Braids

Low-maintenance and lasts for weeks. Easy to keep tidy and versatile for different looks.Divide hair into small sections, braid each section, and use hair ties or beads for a cute finish.

Braided Pixie Cut

Incorporates braids into a short pixie cut for a chic look.Very low-maintenance and stylish. Perfect for adding a bit of texture to short hair.

Halo Braid

Start at one side of your head, braid a section of hair, and wrap it around to the other side, securing with bobby pins.A single braid that wraps around the head like a halo.

French Braid Headband

Start with a small section of hair at the front, braid, and pin it behind your ear.Stylish and practical. Keeps hair away from the face.A French braid that acts as a headband.

Cornrow Braids

Braids close to the scalp, running in rows.Very low-maintenance and can last for several weeks.Braid hair close to the scalp in straight or zigzag patterns.

Faux Hawk Braid

Braid the center section of your hair from front to back. Leave the sides loose or styled in a simple way.A braid that runs down the center of the head, mimicking a faux hawk.

Twist Braids

Braids created by twisting sections of hair rather than traditional braiding.Simple and quick to do. Lightweight and low-maintenance.Divide hair into sections, twist each section.

Dutch Braids

Divide hair into three sections and cross the outer strands under the middle one as you braid.Braids where the strands are crossed under instead of over, creating a 3D effect.

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