8 Dumb Inventions That Made Millions

Lucky Break Wishbones

Ken Ahroni created Lucky Break Wishbones after seeing family members vie for the turkey wishbone during Thanksgiving. His invention allows everyone to have their own wishbone.

The Million-Dollar Home Page

Alex Tew, a British student, created a web page selling one million pixels for $1 each to fund his college tuition.

Slap Bracelets

Invented by high school shop teacher Stuart Andrews in 1990, slap bracelets became a sensation, generating millions in sales.

The Snuggie

Invented by Scott Boilen, the Snuggie gained popularity through clever infomercials depicting its versatility and comfort.


Introduced in the mid-90s, Tamagotchis allowed children to care for virtual pets, filling the void for those unable to have real pets.


Originally designed as spa shoes, Crocs became popular worldwide for their comfort, despite mixed fashion opinions.

Post-It Notes

Accidentally created by a 3M scientist seeking a strong adhesive, Post-It Notes instead featured a weak, reusable adhesive.

Beanie Babies

Ty Warner risked his savings and mortgaged his home to launch Beanie Babies, sparking a craze among collectors in the 1990s.