8 Gold Nail Designs for Your Fancy Moments

Double French Manicure

Nail two trends at once! Paint your nails a neutral beige, then add gold French tips and half moons. Inspired by nail artist Mimi D, this design is chic and trendy.

Blue & Gold

Swirly blue and gold designs make a stunning combo. The warm gold glitter contrasts beautifully with cool royal blue polish for a dazzling effect.

Gold Hearts

Gold hearts add a touch of elegance to any nail design. Inspired by manicurist Hang Nguyen, this look proves pink and red aren't the only heart colors.

Gold French Tips

Update the classic French manicure with metallic gold tips instead of white. As nail artist Amy Le shows, this design works on various nail shapes and lengths.

Gold Squares

Add chic, unexpected detail with gold squares on a simple color-block design. This minimalist style is perfect for a subtle yet sophisticated look.

Mixed Metal Mani

Combine gold and silver for a striking double French manicure. Perfect for both nail art minimalists and maximalists, this look adds enough sparkle for everyone.

Gold Base

A metallic gold base can be the foundation for a delicate design. Nail artist Betina Goldstein's hand-painted roses on gold nails are simply stunning.

Gold Stars

A gold star manicure on a crisp white base is always a hit. This celestial design adds a touch of magic and elegance to your nails.

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