8 Gorgeous Summer Ombré Nails to Elevate Your Style

Pastel Spring Palette

Infuse your nails with spring pastels! Use a nail stamping plate for easy ombre designs with colors like salmon and golden yellow.

Dusty Glaze

Glazed donut nails are in! Use a dusty pink polish like "Ballet Flats" and add a shimmer for a glam look inspired by Hailey Bieber.

Mandarin Orange Ombre

Add vibrancy with mandarin orange ombre nails. Coral shades are trending, and this look is perfect for a bold statement.

Berry Blast

Combine royal blue, violet, and scarlet red for a berry cocktail-inspired manicure. The rich shades create a unique and intriguing look.

Soft Pink Ombre

These soft pink pastel nails are perfect for any occasion. The expert fade makes this versatile look ideal for beach days, meetings, and brunches.

Baby Boomer Nails

Soft pink to white gradient nails, known as "baby boomer nails," are a popular twist on the classic French tip, perfect for a minimalist yet elegant style.

Pretty Pink Aura

Break from traditional French tips with magical aura nails. The blend of pastel and Barbie pinks creates a stunning, unique look.

Snowflake Christmas

Prepare for the holidays with white French ombre nails featuring delicate snowflake patterns. Use the "Snow Day" stamping plate for intricate designs.

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