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8 Home Decor Trends That are Worse Than Dated Oak Cabinets

Avoid the outdated look of shag carpeting, which can trap dirt and dust and is difficult to clean.

Shag Carpeting

Skip wallpaper borders, as they can create a dated and cluttered appearance, detracting from the overall aesthetic of the room.

Wallpaper Borders

Ditch faux wood paneling, which can make a space feel dark, dated, and reminiscent of past decades.

Faux Wood Paneling

Say goodbye to popcorn ceilings, as they can be difficult to clean, prone to collecting dust, and contribute to an outdated look.

Popcorn Ceilings

Replace vertical blinds with more modern window treatments, as they can appear bulky and outdated, detracting from the room's overall style.

Vertical Blinds

Update brass fixtures, as they can give a space a dated and overly traditional feel, especially when paired with modern decor.

Brass Fixtures

Avoid overly floral upholstery patterns, which can appear old-fashioned and clash with contemporary design aesthetics.

Floral Upholstery

Opt for cohesive furniture sets rather than mismatched pieces, as they can create a disjointed and cluttered look in a room.

Mismatched Furniture Sets