8 Of The Finest Men's Mullet Hairstyles

Classic Mullet

The Classic Mullet features short hair on the sides and front, with longer hair at the back. It’s a timeless style that’s easy to maintain and versatile for any occasion.

Modern Mullet

The Modern Mullet incorporates contemporary trends with the classic shape. It often features a fade or undercut on the sides, blending smoothly into the longer back section.

Curly Mullet

The Curly Mullet is perfect for those with naturally curly hair. It embraces the natural texture, giving a relaxed and stylish look that stands out with minimal effort.

Shaggy Mullet

The Shaggy Mullet combines the mullet with a shag haircut. It’s characterized by its messy, layered look, adding volume and movement to the hair, making it great for a laid-back style.

Undercut Mullet

The Undercut Mullet features a distinct contrast between the shaved sides and the longer hair on top and at the back. This bold style offers a modern twist on the traditional mullet.

Mullet with Bangs

Adding bangs to a mullet creates a unique and edgy look. The front section is styled into bangs, while the back retains the longer length, providing a fashionable and balanced appearance.

Mohawk Mullet

The Mohawk Mullet combines the rebellious mohawk with the business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back vibe of a mullet. The sides are shaved, leaving a strip of longer hair that extends down the back.

Fade Mullet

The Fade Mullet seamlessly blends a fade haircut with a mullet. The gradual transition from short to long hair creates a sleek and polished look, suitable for both casual and formal settings.

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