8 of the most effective mullet hairstyles for men

Classic Mullet

The classic mullet features longer hair at the nape with short sideburns and messy styling for a textured look. It's simple yet distinctive.

Modern Mullet

This style blends natural flow with seamless blending from sideburns to the back, creating a polished yet dynamic look.

Undercut Mullet

With disconnected lengths and fades, the undercut mullet contrasts sharply, making a bold statement. It suits oval, round, and triangular face shapes.

Mullet Fade

Featuring faded sides that smoothly transition to longer top sections, the mullet fade offers a modern twist. It complements oval and oblong face shapes.

French Crop Mullet

This daring style combines a blunt textured fringe with forward styling, adding texture and balance to various face shapes, including oval, square, and round.

Guppy Mullet

The guppy mullet keeps the mullet section short with slight flicks, making it low-maintenance and versatile for oval and oblong face shapes.

Mohawk Mullet

This style spikes the hair on top into a defined mohawk while keeping a longer mullet at the back, ideal for square, round, and triangular face shapes.

Afro Mullet

Highlighting natural Afro hair texture, this style maintains a shorter mullet section for balance and volume, best suited for oval and oblong face shapes.

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