8 Short Hairstyles That Are Suitable for Any Man

Outgrown Buzz Cut

This style features a longer length on top, typically around a 5 or 6 clipper setting, and is styled messy with a matte product for texture.

Short Crop

Characterized by a blunt fringe and highly textured top, the short crop adds width to elongated faces and balances round and square features.


The pompadour boasts a high-volume top section, reminiscent of Elvis Presley’s iconic style. Modern versions use matte creams for a natural finish.

Messy Hairstyle

Best for short hair, this style relies on texture and movement. It involves point-cutting the top section and using texture powder for a natural look.

Side Part

Featuring a defined parting from hairline to crown, the side part suits oval, round, and diamond face shapes. It’s a classic, professional look that can be styled.


With a dramatic contrast between short sides and a longer top, the undercut is a bold style perfect for square and round face shapes.

Buzz Cut

A low-maintenance option, the buzz cut uses a short clipper length all over, ideal for oval, square, round, and diamond face shapes. 

Back and Sides

This corporate cut uses a #4 guard on the back and sides, keeping the hair uniformly short but not too short. It’s versatile and straightforward, suitable for oblong.

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