8 Small Bathroom Storage Ideas That Are Actually Clever

Utilize Vertical Space

Choose a wall-mounted toilet paper dispenser to save space in a small bathroom. This frees up floor space for a trash bin or magazine basket.

Maximize Vertical Space

In small spaces, extend cabinetry to the ceiling to create the impression of a larger area. This Paris bathroom features slim custom-built wood shelving that touches the ceiling.

Use Retro Pegboard Railing

Pegboards can add storage without encroaching on space. This country cottage bathroom uses wooden pegboards on the walls flanking the sink, offering a timeless look and storage.

Make It Disappear

A tall, clean-lined white storage cabinet without visible hardware provides ample storage and blends into the background, allowing other decor to take center stage.

Hang Open Wall Shelves

Add storage by installing floating shelves to display bathroom items. This small bathroom features modern black floating shelves that match plumbing fixtures

Utilize Every Inch

Incorporate a wall-to-wall vanity to maximize storage and deliver a custom look. This narrow blue-and-white bathroom demonstrates that sometimes bigger is better.

Float the Vanity

A floating vanity can make a small bathroom appear more spacious and allow light to flow, enhancing the room's overall feel.

Add Adjustable Shelving

Install a DIY plywood pegboard shelf high on the wall for decoration or storage. Use vertical space with a pegboard wall and adjustable shelves to store bath supplies.