8 Things to Save Up For That Are Totally Worth It

Since motivation is high, saving for a vacation is typically simple. Furthermore, knowing that you can afford to go somewhere is a wonderful sensation.


You will get where you need to go with it, and investing in something useful like this is wise in the long run.

Used car

A few months' worth of costs saved up can calm your fears and prevent you from running into financial difficulties.

Emergency fund

Saving money is an excellent way to invest it. Small deposits can be made into a brokerage account, after which you can make regular investments.

Index funds or ETFs

It could be time for an upgrade if your phone is outdated, but they're not always inexpensive.

New phone

Having a laptop is a wonderful choice if you work from home frequently. Writing, working on side projects, and working at work can all benefit from it.


In the same vein, there are instances when subscriptions pay off. For instance, you can save up and pay for a year at a time if you receive a lot of value from your TV streaming service or weekly meal delivery service.


Invest in high-quality shoes for longevity. Despite the initial cost, they'll save you money in the long run, providing a collection of durable, timeless footwear for years to come.

Good shoes