9 Easter Nail Designs to Try for Soft Spring Touch

Pastel Polka Dots

Soft pastel shades are perfect for spring. Add polka dots in various pastel colors over a neutral base for a fun and festive Easter look.

Floral Accents

Celebrate spring with delicate floral designs. Choose pastel colors and create small flowers on your nails to add a touch of nature and elegance.

Easter Egg Stripes

Mimic the look of decorated Easter eggs by adding colorful stripes to your nails. Use pastel shades and alternate the direction of the stripes for a playful design.

Bunny Silhouettes

Add cute bunny silhouettes to your manicure. Use a fine brush or nail stickers to create these adorable designs on a pastel or nude base.

Chick Nails

Create a charming Easter look with little chick designs. Paint small yellow chicks with orange beaks and feet on a light blue or white background.

Gradient Pastels

Opt for a gradient ombre effect using pastel colors. Blend shades like pink, blue, and lavender for a soft, dreamy look perfect for spring.

Easter Basket Weave

Recreate the look of an Easter basket on your nails. Use thin brush strokes to paint a woven pattern in light brown and add pastel accents to mimic eggs.

Carrot Tips

Add a fun twist to your French manicure by turning the tips into little carrots. Paint the tips orange and add small green leaves for an Easter-themed design.

Speckled Egg Nails

Create a speckled egg effect by using a sponge to dab on small specks of black or dark brown polish over a pastel base. This design is subtle yet festive.

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