9 Farmhouse Landscaping Ideas for Adding Simple Beauty to Your Yard

Mellow Color Palette: Embrace subdued hues like purple, blue, red, and pink to complement the rustic farmhouse aesthetic.

Vegetable and Herb Gardens: Incorporate practical elements like herb and vegetable gardens, reflecting the utilitarian nature of farmhouse design.

Natural Landscaping: Utilize natural materials such as wood, rock, and rustic metals to maintain an authentic farmhouse feel.

Fuller Border Gardens: Opt for thick, lush border plantings to minimize visible soil or mulch, reducing the need for intensive maintenance.

Embrace Natural Growth: Allow plants to grow naturally without excessive trimming or shaping, embracing the organic look of farmhouse gardens.

Simplicity: Keep the landscape uncluttered and straightforward, reflecting the humble and practical ethos of farmhouse living.

Local Flora: Use native plants and materials to mirror the surroundings and maintain a connection to the local environment.

Relaxation Spaces: Incorporate design elements like porch swings or benches to create areas for relaxation and enjoyment within the landscape.

Borrowed Views: Enhance the natural beauty of the surroundings by accentuating large trees and incorporating lush border gardens to soften hardscapes.