9 Humidity-Loving Plants That Will Thrive in Your Bathroom

Bird's Nest Fern:

Thrives in high humidity bathrooms and tolerates low light conditions, making it perfect for adding greenery to your bathroom oasis.

Staghorn Fern:

Enjoys the extra humidity bathrooms offer and can be mounted on wood for a unique decorative touch.

Boston Fern:

A classic choice for bathrooms, loves humidity and is easy to care for, adding a touch of Victorian elegance to your space.


Prefers bright, humid environments, making it ideal for bathrooms with sunny windows.


Hardy and versatile, can survive in most spaces including bathrooms, adding a lush, vine-like aesthetic.

Air Plants:

Flourish in humid climates and bright, indirect light, perfect for adding a modern, minimalist touch to your bathroom.


Offers natural beauty and skin-soothing benefits, thrives in bright, direct light typically found in bathrooms.


Responds well to humidity and indirect light, adding color and elegance to your bathroom decor.

Croton Petra:

Vibrant foliage thrives in hot, humid climates, adding a tropical flair to your bathroom space.