9 of the Best Beard Styles for Men

Long Beard 

A classic style that makes a face look longer, the long beard requires patience to grow out. Trim the sides to align with your face, keeping the longest part at your chin. 

Short Beard

Ideal for round or oval faces, this beard emphasizes fullness over length. Grow it out for a few months before trimming it down. 

Egg-Shaped Beard

Perfect for square faces, this beard elongates the chin and creates a leaner appearance. Grow the beard out, then trim the sides while maintaining length on the chin.


A small beard style that focuses on the mustache, chin, and connecting lines. Shave everything else and maintain defined lines with daily trimming.

Black Tie Scruff 

A step up from traditional scruff, this style requires a few days of growth and meticulous trimming. Keep the whiskers short enough to show skin while maintaining uniform length

Beard with Bald 

A beard adds contrast and definition to a bald head, creating a striking appearance. Most beard styles work well with a bald head

Square Beard

This medium beard style adds width to the face, making the jawline appear more angular. Ideal for oval faces, it involves growing out the sides.

Pointy Beard

This aggressive style elongates the face by trimming the beard into a sharp point. Maintain crisp angles and diagonal lines from the jaw corners to below the chin.

Baby’s First Beard 

Embrace the initial scraggly phase of beard growth. Resist trimming or shaving until the beard has grown long enough to style.

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