9 Primary Bedroom Decorating Ideas For A Tranquil Retreat

Vibrant, Rich Colors and Textures

Balance deep, rich colors and textures with moments of cream to create a visually striking bedroom aesthetic. Incorporate bold elements like textured wallpaper and wooden accents for a cohesive look.

Incorporate Unique Tables

Add personality to your bedroom by repurposing old furniture or finding eclectic flea market treasures for bedside tables. Antique furnishings can become statement pieces when used creatively.

Small Spaces Live Large

Maximize space in small bedrooms by opting for a king-size bed and making space-saving choices elsewhere. Consider mounted sconces instead of table lamps and choose smaller side tables to create a functional yet stylish room.

Let the Walls Talk

Make a statement with your bedroom walls by covering them in Venetian plaster or adding a lively mural. Embrace island influences or other decorative elements to enhance the overall ambiance of the space.

Commit to a Canopy

Elevate your bedroom with a canopy bed as the focal point. Choose a canopy design that feels elegant yet not overly ornate, and incorporate fabrics and colors that complement your overall aesthetic.

Shift into Neutrals

Create a versatile and timeless look in your primary bedroom by opting for neutral window treatments and bedding. Neutral tones can easily adapt to different color palettes and design styles, offering flexibility for future updates.

Coastal Cozy

Set a soothing tone in your bedroom with a calming shade of blue and an enveloping upholstered bed. Accentuate the coastal vibe with framed botanical prints and comfortable furnishings for a cozy retreat.

Wood Wall Treatments

Let shiplap walls speak for themselves by painting them in a simple, clean color. Embrace the natural beauty of wood wall treatments to enhance the serenity of the space.

Neutral, Simple Patterns

Layer simple stripe patterns in a neutral black-and-white palette for a sophisticated look in your master bedroom. Blend textured bedding with warm leather and wooden accents for added depth and visual interest.