Most Intelligent Cat Breeds: Top 8 Smartest Cats Around The World

Abyssinians are smart and family-oriented. This breed likes to stand above the room and watch. This cat is the fastest to learn skills and enjoys agility courses.


Balinese cats are longhaired Siamese. The lively cats love to examine everything their owners do. Chatty cats frequently express their views. Puzzles, teasers, and a large cat tree


The Bengal is famous for its jaguar or leopard-like coat. Domestic cats and Asian leopard cats cross to create this breed. Bengal cats are smart, athletic, and wild.


Burmese are lively and cheerful, like to interact with others. Cats are smart, lively, flexible, and trainable. This breed can retrieve a tiny toy and walk on a leash


Even as seniors, these cats are energetic and affectionate, and some claim they play like dogs. Many like fetch and piano tricks. This cat's large toes allow it to open doors

Cornish Rex

Havana brown cats are lovely with smooth chocolate coats. Crossing the Siamese with numerous other breeds created this unique cat breed. They're smart, curious, and talkative cats that appreciate family time.

Havana Brown

The Korat, named after a Thai region, is another uncommon species considered lucky. Brilliant and world-aware. Moderately energetic Korats prefer interactive activities and naps.


The Savannah is a rare, intelligent exotic breed. Developed by mixing wild African servals with domestic cats, this huge hybrid retained some wild traits.