The 8 Best Edging Plants for Your Garden

Lavender is a fragrant and attractive edging plant with purple flowers that add color and a lovely scent to your garden borders.

Lavender (Lavandula)

Dwarf mondo grass forms a dense, low-growing mat of dark green foliage, making it a perfect choice for edging pathways or flower beds.

Dwarf Mondo Grass (Ophiopogon japonicus)

Sedums are drought-tolerant succulents that come in various colors and textures. They create a striking border and require minimal maintenance.

Sedum (Stonecrop)

Boxwood shrubs are classic edging plants known for their dense, evergreen foliage and ability to be shaped into neat hedges or borders.

Boxwood (Buxus)

Creeping thyme is a low-growing herb with fragrant leaves and tiny pink or purple flowers. It's ideal for edging herb gardens or rockeries.

Creeping Thyme (Thymus serpyllum)

Hostas are shade-loving plants with lush foliage in various shades of green, blue, and variegated patterns. They make excellent edging plants for shaded areas.


Dianthus plants, also known as carnations or pinks, produce colorful blooms in shades of pink, red, white, and purple, making them attractive edging plants for flower beds.

Dianthus (Carnation)

Alpine alyssum is a low-growing perennial with clusters of tiny yellow flowers. It forms a dense mat of foliage, perfect for edging rock gardens or borders.

Alpine Alyssum (Alyssum montanum)