The 8 most effective curly hairstyles for men

Wavy Slicked Back

Ideal for longer, wavy hair. Apply pomade to damp hair, combing it back for a sleek finish. Adjust products based on hair texture for optimal hold.

Beachy Waves or Curls

Achieve a rockstar look with this style. Use sea salt spray for texture, scrunching hair to enhance natural waves. Moisturize regularly to maintain health.

Wavy Quiff

A voluminous top with shorter sides. Blow-dry hair upwards and back, using pomade to shape. Perfect for showcasing curls with a professional edge.

Curly Side Part

Classic and versatile, suits various hair lengths. Comb hair to one side with pomade, ensuring a natural part. Ideal for showcasing natural curl patterns.

Tight Curl Fade

Low maintenance with a clean look. Keep sides short with a gradual fade, leaving longer curls on top. Use water or sea-salt spray for styling ease.

Wavy Fringe

Relaxed and casual, suits medium to long hair. Apply mousse to damp hair, scrunching for volume. Use a light hairspray to hold the texture.


Modern and trendy, combines layers for texture. Style wet hair with a pre-styler, blow-drying for a tousled finish. Ideal for a youthful, edgy look.

Natural Afro

Embrace natural curls with minimal styling. Use sea salt spray to define curls, regularly trimming to maintain shape and volume.

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