These Are The Most Popular “Granny Hobbies” By State

Crafting, baking, drinking tea, gardening, puzzling, playing cards, collecting, couponing, antiquing, and sewing are popular hobbies among Americans under 40, not limited to grandmothers.

Vermont, Maine, and Montana show the highest interest in granny hobbies, with 43% of Gen Z embracing trends like grandmillennial interior design and coastal grandma aesthetics.

Cooking/baking is the most popular hobby in the US (41%), followed by reading (37%), with other favorites including pets, video gaming, and outdoor activities.

Granny hobbies offer relief from digital overload and are accessible activities that help combat stress and promote mental well-being through hands-on engagement.

Globally, there's a growing appreciation for time spent with grandparents, with 68% preferring grandparental company over their parents in 35 states, reflecting a cultural shift.

Respondents engage with grandparents in various languages, including Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, French, Hindi, Arabic, and Punjabi, in addition to English.

Granny hobbies appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds, providing relaxation, creativity, and a break from digital distractions.