These Hobbies Have the Best and Worst Bang for Your Buck in 2024

Improves brain function, decreases stress, increases happiness, empathy, health, vocabulary, focus, and productivity. Use the Headway app for book summaries and insights.


Enhances observation skills, health, calmness, creativity, and project management. Provides joy, self-esteem, and potential income. Easy for beginners with resilient vegetables.


Promotes creativity, stress relief, self-expression, and mental wellness. Decorate your home or sell your artwork. Suitable for all skill levels and a great way to explore new techniques.


Offers satisfaction, new experiences, skills, and social connections. Combine with other hobbies for added enjoyment. A great way to give back to your community and make a positive impact.


Boosts creativity, imagination, curiosity, and passion. Share your vision, take classes, and possibly start a side business. Capture and preserve memories in a unique way.


Improves physical and mental health, teaches new skills, and increases motivation. Benefits cognitive functions and self-confidence. Encourages teamwork and discipline.


Enhances focus, memory, analytical thinking, and empathy. Play in-person or virtually for brain exercise. Develops strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.


Improves happiness, provides companionship, and lowers blood pressure. Consider pet sitting, dog walking, or volunteering for well-being and income. Fosters a sense of responsibility and empathy for animals.

Pet care

Enhance cognitive functions, stress relief, social connections, and hand-eye coordination. Balance gaming with other activities for a healthy lifestyle. Offers a fun and interactive way to relax and unwind.

Video games